I’m now a Non-Profit!

Got my non-profit 501(c)3 status effective September 11, 2017!! I’ll be able to give you a contribution letter! Not sure how this new tax law will impact that 😦

Will be updating the wish list items – looks like many of them are currently unavailable.


A BIG Thank You!

Thank you for the donations that continue to come in for Fostering Love Kits!

Ladies from the Columbia River Piecemakers Quilt Guild and the sewing group at Fabrics and Stiches have made and donated blankets, quilts, and diaper bags.

A late thank you to the awesome Scappoose Rodeo Rider 4-H group (led by Erica Rolf Winnestorfer) who solicited funds and donations to make THIRTY, yes THIRTY Fostering Love Kit Backpacks for Columbia County!

If you are looking to donate, backpacks are on sale at Walmart for just under $10!

Columbia County rocks!

Senior Project Student

I had the pleasure of mentoring St Helen’s High School Senior Irene O’Shane Espinoza during her senior project goal of soliciting donations for eight completed Fostering Love Kits. We delivered TEN completed kits to DHS today! She did a fantastic job of recruiting donations through Facebook, local websites, posters, and personal communication with students and teachers. DHS Staff was very appreciative.  Awesome job, Irene! You ROCK!